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GSIL helps New Hampshire’s underserved students with disabilities transition from high school towards a more promising future. We can help your school build tailored solutions to meet the individual students’ needs, preferences and interests.

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We can also help you create a non-traditional group program through our IMPACCT Program. IMPACCT is a partnership of New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation (NHVR), Granite State Independent Living (GSIL), and high schools throughout New Hampshire. The program is dedicated to helping underserved students and students with IEPs/504 Plans become part of the local workforce as they navigate from high school to employment, post-secondary education, or training that leads towards a career.

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Similar to our Manchester, NH-based option, Earn & Learn Opportunities Program, this experiential approach helps students reengage with their education and understand the value it has for their career. This tool can help your school build a path to increased graduation and decreased dropout rates.

Some of our student transition services include,
but are not limited to:

  • Career Assessments
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Job Shadows & Tours
  • Internship Development
  • Informational Interviews
  • Group Program Development
  • Benefits Planning
  • Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Academic Credit Recovery
  • Interview & Soft Skills Training
  • Identification of Skills & Strengths
  • Job Placement & Resume Assistance


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