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What We Do


At GSIL, advocacy is core to what we do. We find inspiration from the fearless disability rights leaders who succeeded in passing the ADA and we work to ensure the thread of their legacy is pulled through to today. Continue Reading

Benefits Counseling

Would you like to make more money? Are you assisting someone with their employment goals? Do you have questions about how going to work affects Federal and NH Disability Benefits? Continue Reading

Community Based Services

Are you connected to a New Hampshire Area Agency? Do you want to know how Granite State Independent Living’s employment & community support day services can help you? Continue Reading

Education Services

Do you know a student who needs helps gaining skills for their career? Would you like to offer extended learning opportunities (ELO’s) for a group of your students? Continue Reading

Employment Services

Do you need assistance finding a job that works for you? Are you looking for guidance to take the next step with your career? Do you receive Social Security Disability benefits or have a disability? Continue Reading

Home Access Modification

Are you struggling to live safely in your own home due to accessibility concerns? Does your current living situation not work for you? Are you unable to access the community due to the barriers of your home? Continue Reading

In Home Personal Care

Granite State Independent Living’s (GSIL) In-Home Personal Care Services provide you peace of mind with compassionate caregivers that you and your loved one can rely on. Continue Reading

Information and Referral

Information and Referral is the practice of bringing people and services together. Community Information and Referral providers, such as GSIL, connect people with resources that can help them live their lives as independently as possible. Continue Reading

Nursing Facility Transition to Home

Would you like to move back into your home or community? Do you have a loved one in a nursing facility or nursing home that wants to come home? Are you working with someone who has expressed the desire to explore their community-based options? Continue Reading

Peer Mentoring and Support

Peer support in our space; pioneered among individuals with spinal cord injuries though we would like to expand the offering beyond SCI.  The model is about having someone more experienced living with their disability who shows you the ropes, helps you navigate the emotional ups and downs and helps a newly injured person find their new normal and see that life with a disability is still life worth living.  Through this program we have offered events as well as 1:1 supports.
Continue Reading

Service Coordination

Have you or someone you know recently been injured on the job or in an accident? Do you require short-term in-home care? Our home care services afford you the ability to recover in the comfort of your own home. Continue Reading

Transportation Services

Are you a person with a disability and need help accessing your community? Do you need help understanding your transportation options? Do you feel isolated because you don’t know how to navigate your community? Continue Reading