Squatter Abatement

58th Street

Neighbors contacted our Public Safety Committee to report that squatters had taken over property on 58th Street. We acted quickly to prevent the squatters from establishing residency. The property in question was the subject of two probate actions following the death of our longtime elder neighbor and sometime later, his brother.  We met one of the heirs and the administrator of the estate at the property and with their permission and with the assistance of three other neighbors, our committee ousted the two squatters. Mr. Leroy’s family was grateful for our assistance as were our neighbors and their minor children.

Arlington Avenue/Genoa Street

Less than two months later, we were notified that these same squatters moved into the vacant property on Arlington Avenue and Genoa Street. After several attempts at communication, we finally heard from the Corporate VP for Communications at The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and requested that the squatters be removed, the landscaping maintained, and the property be secured. Our reasonable requests were satisfied. We are happy to report that the property was placed on the market the week of March 26, 2017.