Public Work Dept. Reverses it’s Position

We are happy to report that our Public Safety Committee convinced the City of Oakland’s Public Works Department to reverse their position and repair the street and sidewalk in front of a Market Street resident’s home.

Market Street is traversed 24/7 by the F and 88 buses. Additional heavy pressure is exerted by garbage trucks, street cleaning vehicles, heavy commuter traffic and a commuter bus which ferries tech workers to and from MacArthur BART to the City of Berkeley. A combination of those stresses caused the street to fail in the form of a huge sinkhole. That failure began to extend beyond street to the sidewalk.

After the City repeatedly denied liability, in July, 2016 our neighbor contacted our Committee to seek help in resolving this issue. The City had urged the homeowner to fix the damage himself. We thought this position was unreasonable. Two reputable contractors refused to enter into a contract with the homeowner claiming that the sinkhole was the City’s responsibility.

Our Committee contacted Public Works via telephone and a series of emails. We requested that the matter be elevated to the next level in Public Works and that the City return to the site and reassess the sinkhole and their position.  We are pleased that Public Works reversed their position thus obviating the need for our neighbor to find a contractor willing to repair City owned property,  file a claim with the City, hire a lawyer, and then sue the City.

We have fulfilled our mission in representing the interests and concerns of Santa Fe residents.

Should you need help resolving a public safety issue, please contact our co-chair Cathy Leonard at

March 10, 2016.