Petition – Keep the F Transbay Bus Service in Our Community

Sign the petition here. The petition is now closedPlease be advised that you can personalize the message to indicate in which neighborhood you reside or to add any other personal touches. 

A.C. Transit is considering eliminating the F Transbay bus service in North Oakland and parts of Emeryville and replacing it with the J Transbay line.  The J line means: no off-peak service and no weekend service. The change affects Northwest Oakland residents in the Santa Fe, Golden Gate and Longfellow neighborhoods. Parts of the Emeryville, including those along the Adeline and Park Streets and the Bay Street residents will also be affected.

Santa Fe CAN has created a petition opposing this change, after conferring with the Golden Gate Community Association and the Longfellow Community Association.  The petition will be emailed to all A.C. Transit Board of Directors advising them that this change is unacceptable. We have the support of our councilperson Dan Kalb and At Large Councilperson Rebecca Kaplan (who resides in the Longfellow neighborhood).

The existing and proposed maps for Lines F and J can be found at:

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