SUCCESS – Northwest Oakland Community Coalition Pilot Plan

ccm june 22 2015

Our community asssociation, the Golden Gate Community Association (formerly known as the San Pablo-Golden Gate Improvement Association), blink!LAB (an architectural firm located in Longfellow), and the Longfellow Community Association joined together to create the Northwest Oakland Community Coalition. The Coalition has been grappling with how best to direct city budget funds for economic development to take place specifically in our neighborhoods. This is the first such effort by our communities to join forces on a budget process and a pilot program.

APPROACH: The plan will focus on neighborhood “nodes” and all their related planning needs, extending as far as necessary from the actual sites (Santa Fe Elementary School and Helen MacGregor Plaza Park) to cover zoning changes/amendments, substandard infrastructure, transportation planning, blight, pedestrian and bike access, etc.


OUR BUDGET REQUEST: In August, 2015, the Coalition met with Councilman Dan Kalb and two Planning Department directors, Dan Ranelletti (Deputy Director of the Bureau of Planning) and Ed Manasse (the Strategic Planning Director of the Strategic Planning Division). The Planning Department has committed to funding our pilot program for a community-led development planning process.  Our neighborhoods will create a joint plan with assistance from City staff, who will ensure the plan gets officially approved by the City.

Throughout this entire budget process we have gained support from other community associations, City officials, and individuals throughout Oakland! They have pledged to work with us to fulfill our goal.

THANK YOU: To all neighbors from the Santa Fe, Golden Gate and Longfellow neighborhoods who joined with us and sent over 235 emails to Councilman Dan Kalb and At Large Councilperson Rebecca Kaplan to help us gain support. Other North Oakland neighborhoods joined us in sending emails. We could not have done it without your help!


The Coalition will continue to hold bi-weekly meetings and work within the community and with municipal agencies to collect and review information relating to growth, demographics, objectives, and community values/principles.

The Coalition will be engaging all three communities in a community visioning workshop to explain the process and seek input from each and every one of you! Stay tuned.

Santa Fe CAN and GGCA are 501(c)(3) non-profits and will seek matching funds, grants and other fundraising opportunities to help fund this pilot program, LCA will assist us in this endeavor.

Again, thank you for investing in your community development!

For more information, please contact our Public Safety Committee at