NOBE – We Are Not!

Since 2012, the real estate industry has tried to give our neighborhood a new name – NOBE (North Oakland Berkeley Emeryville). Santa Fe residents and the City of Oakland do not recognize that terminology.


Please click on the map above, it clearly shows we are Santa Fe. In fact, there is no neighborhood in Oakland designated as “NOBE”.

The acronym NOBE is nothing more than a realtor’s tool.  It has been used by realtors selling houses in North Oakland, but not when selling houses in Berkeley or Emeryville.  This continues to imply that Berkeley and Emeryville are more desirable communities and works against efforts to show that our neighborhood is a good place in which to live, work and raise families.

Santa Fe has always been a friendly place to live and our association will continue to build relationships between all neighbors and our community through goodwill and hard work.

Santa Fe forever, NOBE never!