F Transbay Bus Remains in Santa Fe

By our Public Safety Committee


A.C. Transit planned to eliminate the F Transbay bus service in the Santa Fe neighborhood (among other neighborhoods and a portion of Berkeley and Emeryville). The replacement service would have meant no off-peak service and no weekend service to San Francisco.

Our friends in the Golden Gate community joined with us to create an online petition. Our petition was also promoted by the Longfellow community.

The petition was signed by over 700 residents from and directed to all A.C. Transit board of directors. After receiving our petition and after several community meetings, A.C. Transit dropped its plan to remove the F bus.

Thank you to all 700 signees, our Public Safety Committee, the Golden Gate Community Association, our Longfellow friends, Councilperson At-Large Rebecca Kaplan, and Councilperson Dan Kalb.

There is strength in numbers.