COMPLETED: Stanford/Lowell Intersection

From Our Public Safety Committee

The bike and the pedestrian path on Lowell Street across Stanford Avenue is complete!


Background: The project includes sidewalk, curb ramps, crosswalks, and a bike path across the median. (The east side of Lowell Street on the south side of Stanford is in the Santa Fe neighborhood). This crossing will help further plans for a future bike boulevard route along Lowell and 61st Streets to the Santa Fe neighborhood and Emeryville. Construction began June 14.

This project was federally funded by the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and is one of three pedestrian and bicycle safety projects in our neighborhood.

Thanks to the City of Oakland’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission for their focus on our community.

Thanks also to City staff who listened to community input from our association and the Golden Gate Community Association and redesigned the project to ensure it works seamlessly for people both walking or biking.

Big thanks to Robert Printz, our District 1 Commissioner on the City’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission for his hard work for the City of Oakland, the Santa Fe neighborhood and Bike East Bay.