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Our consumers illustrate our impact better than we can.

We have been fortunate to help many community members improve their circumstance through the hard work of our associates and the generosity of our donors. Some of our consumers have been forthcoming with their stories, and we salute them for their courage and wish them nothing but blue skies in the years ahead.

Your donations help us increase our impact and give even more consumers the gift of independence.

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“I never thought I’d graduate high school.”
“IMPACCT gave me confidence.”
“The people at IMPACCT changed my life.”
Shawn’s Independence
Grateful to Be Able to Stay in My Own Home
GSIL Works From the Heart
“They gave me my pride back.”
“IMPACCT helped me get back on track.”
“I don’t know where I’d be without his help.”
Bonnie: Companion and Friend
GSIL has restored a life full of purpose
“This ramp is fantastic.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  GSIL is always there.”
Diving In Feet First